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Gregg Cohen

Experience is an important characteristic to look for when hiring any service provider. When that service is defending you or a loved one against criminal charges, legal experience is downright vital.

Attorney Gregg Cohen brings more than 30 years of experience in criminal law to his clients who face charges in Redding and throughout Shasta County and the surrounding Northern California communities. He advocates for clients in cases ranging from traffic offenses and drunk driving to drug charges, juvenile offenses and domestic abuse.

A Career Prosecutor Who Now Protects Individuals’ Rights In Criminal Cases

Mr. Cohen spent the last 20 years as the elected district attorney for Tehama County. Prior to that, he worked as deputy district attorney for both Shasta and Tehama counties, and he served as a federal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California. Having completed an exemplary career in prosecuting criminal cases, Mr. Cohen decided in 2019 to utilize the same commitment to truth and justice in his new role defending the rights of the accused.

Gregg Cohen Is Committed To Every Client

In his previous roles, Mr. Cohen was responsible for the prosecution of thousands of criminal cases spanning from state and federal drug crimes to first-degree murder. Now, his criminal defense work finds him focusing on protecting the rights of those who face criminal charges. In this role, he has obtained impressive results.

“It’s really two sides of the same coin,” he told the Red Bluff Daily News. “One doesn’t exist without the other in a free society such as ours.” He is among a handful of lawyers who handles federal cases at the magistrate court in Shasta County.

Mr. Cohen is guided by a deep commitment to the U.S. Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and to truth and justice. He works tirelessly on behalf of every client, working all options and all possibilities. He works directly with every client. There are no junior, inexperienced, lawyers in his office learning about criminal trial practice. You call the office you get Gregg, not a paralegal or new attorney. You hire Gregg, you get Gregg.

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